Mova Globe 6" Blue Relief Map with Acrylic Base

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It's the world globes you remember as a kid, but with a sleek look and updated features that make it a modern decor must-have. Swirls of white and red lines show ocean currents, while each landmass is depicted in green and brown shades that show terrain features - every mountainous region and desert is clearly shown. This level of detail combined with vibrant colors make this MOVA Globe as attractive as it is informative.



Discover the artful blend of function and beauty with the Mova Globe 6" Blue Relief Map. Crafted with precision and elegance, this handcrafted globe boasts a mesmerizing rotation powered by hidden solar cells and the earth's magnetic field. Embrace effortless elegance with flawless movement, courtesy of the whisper-quiet mechanism, all within a sleek clear outer shell.

This modern decor essential features award-winning design, earning accolades such as The Good Design Award and a finalist spot at the IHA Global Innovation Award. With vibrant topography depicting ocean currents, terrain features, and vivid colors representing every mountain and desert, this globe brings a touch of sophistication to your space.

Experience a seamless rotation showcasing terrain in lush green and brown hues, making every landmass come alive. Unveil a glimpse of the world with this detailed and captivating piece that effortlessly harmonizes style and functionality. Welcome the Mova Globe 6" Blue Relief Map into your home, where elegance meets innovation and artistry.

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