Join the London Harness Rewards Program that gives

cash back

and is good towards future purchases.

This is one of the ways we let you know how much we appreciate you.

Rewards now applies to your in-store, online and phone orders, no matter where you are.

Enter "+" and your country code before your number.
+1 USA & Canada, +61 Australia, +81 Japan


Four Sign-up Tips

  • Sign up above to receive a $15.00 gift toward your next purchase!  Make sure you opt-in with your mobile number to take full advantage of all your points.
  • Earn 5% cash back on future purchases.
  • Get an extra $10 birthday gift each year when you share your birthday with us.
  • Get updates on your Rewards monthly via when you opt-in with your mobile number.

A Few Details

$1 = 5 Points

With each purchase, you earn points which turn into cash for you. We’ll keep track of your points and keep you up to date.

You can also check your balance in the above field using the same mobile number used on sign-up.

When shopping online, Rewards can be applied in the Shopping Bag or Checkout. While viewing your Shopping Bag, there will be a black drop-down on the right-hand side that says “Loyalty Points.” Once you enter your mobile number, you can view and apply your available points.  

Specifically, you can apply Reward Points to the Checkout in $10 increments and up to $100 per transaction. I.e., $10, $20, $30, etc.

Occasionally, you’ll also receive extra Rewards to use for special events, and we’ll let you know by text.

How to Redeem Points

When you are on the Checkout Page, after the Shipping Page, there is a Loyalty Points dropdown on the left-hand side. In this field, you must add in the same mobile number as used when signing up above and click “Apply.” The website will automatically apply your Rewards to your order based on the points you have earned and in $10 increments. 

For example, if you have earned $78 in Reward Points, the checkout will automatically apply $70 to the current order and the remaining $8 will be saved for your future purchases with London Harness.


Rewards and Returns

If you return an order:

  • The Rewards earned on that order will be deducted from your account.
  • Rewards are for one-time use and non-refundable.

Do My Rewards Expire?

Yes, unused Rewards will expire after two years of inactivity.

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