Pig & Hen Icy Ike Rope Bracelet

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Whenever battling the coldest regions, sailing past icebergs and glaciers, it is Icy Ike you want by your side. His navigating skills are unparalleled, his sight never blinded by the sun or snow. While the others hide for the freezing cold, Icy Ike steps up and saves the day.

When braving the harshest conditions, sailing through icy waters and rugged terrains, let the Pig & Hen Icy Ike Rope Bracelet be your steadfast companion. With a rope width of 6mm and a sleek round design, this bracelet exudes strength and resilience. The 4mm I-Shackle provides a secure closure, embodying the spirit of adventure and endurance.

Embrace the spirit of Icy Ike, a fearless navigator whose unparalleled skills guide you through any challenge. While others may falter in the face of freezing temperatures, Icy Ike remains unwavering, ready to lead the way. Stand out with this durable and stylish bracelet that symbolizes courage and determination.

From the heart of London Harness, where luxury meets functionality, this bracelet is a testament to your unwavering spirit and adventurous soul. Let the Pig & Hen Icy Ike Rope Bracelet be your constant reminder to embrace challenges head-on and conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

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