New RAINS from Denmark

New from Denmark: RAINS Flight Bags and Rain Gear

Demian introduces new RAINS high-quality and high-value products
along with an important time-sensitive tip.

Given the demand on their products and the uncertainty of what will be available in the coming weeks, we’re fortunate to have a nice variety in-store. Plus, if you see something else of theirs online, we can special order it for you.
“Amy and I so value and appreciate your shopping with us, and likewise, if you see a RAINS item online or elsewhere, we’ll be grateful for the chance to get it for you if we don’t already have it in-store,” says Demian.
RAINS flight bags and rain gear includes: crossbody bags, rain coats, rain hats and gloves, travel bags, backpacks, dop kits and more.
Please call us at 781-237-5950 if you have any questions. Thank you.