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London Harness utilizes cookies for such features as providing basic website functionality, storing preferences, and offering a tailored experience. Cookies are defined by categories as shown below.

At this time, this site only uses “Necessary” and “Analytics” cookies. If you would like to change your cookie preferences, please delete cookies using your browser’s functionality.

Cookie Types & Descriptions

Necessary: These cookies are necessary for you to interact with the basic features of our website. For example, they allow you to navigate the site, securely access important areas like your shopping cart, and more. Also, necessary cookies are used to maintain the website's security features.

Customer Preferences: These cookies help us remember your actions so your site experience is tailored to your unique needs. This is how the site remembers items you viewed recently and makes certain interactions faster, like search. These cookies are also needed to preserve your preferences.

Analytics: These cookies send us data for the purpose of analyzing customer behavior so we can learn from your interactions to improve the site experience for everyone. For instance, this data helps us better understand how users are finding information and which areas of the site are most helpful. This way we can evaluate site performance and functionality to continuously develop, customize, and improve our services and offerings.

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