The Wren Design was founded in 2008 by the owner, Wendren Setzer.  The first Wren bags were made from English woven fabrics. Wendren’s discovery of discarded coffee sacks at a local roaster led her to rethink her manufacturing process. The idea of using found materials and repurposing them with the aim of promoting sustainability was a watershed moment for the company.

While exploring other materials options, she hit upon the concept of using paper to construct items of apparel. This marked a radical departure from conventional textiles, but it is an innovation that has proved highly successful. By treating the paper using fusion and coating technologies, the paper’s strength is greatly enhanced and it becomes a functional fabric.

The result is a unique product line which can be likened to origami in its simplicity of design The natural texture of the paper also lends the product a unique tactile quality that adds to its appeal. All Wren products are hand crafted in South Africa to ensure durability and the highest quality of workmanship.


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