Tokens & Icons has been turning authentic, nostalgic artifacts into functional gifts for more than 20 years. The company was founded upon becoming one of the first licensees of the New York City MTA with whom we continue to create cuff links that feature the iconic retired NY Subway tokens.  From authentic vintage typewriter keys to a Pan Am fuselage to Buffalo Nickels to watch movements from the early 20th century, Tokens & Icons aims to bring a new life and purpose to the memorable everyday objects of our past.  Tokens Icons leather wallets are individually stitched in Mumbai, India;  These artisans, whether they are two blocks or a video chat away, are in constant collaboration with Tokens & Icons’ staff headquarters in Berkeley, CA.  As a team, we work to bring authenticity, craftsmanship and functionality to the gifting experience.  The Red Sox bottle opener is handcrafted and engraved in Berkeley, CA.


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