Klaus Bosch (aka Sandman) has been making his KB Collection Sand Art in Lustenau, Austria since 1988. He has a small crew of less than a dozen employees at his sand factory. Sandman’s sand art has been in the display windows (worldwide) of Louis Vuitton and Nordstroms. He has been commissioned to make special gifts for Kings, Sultans, and famous dignitaries. His art can be found in hotels, spas and businesses around the globe. His wild love for nature drives his inspiration and helps capture the beauty and express it in a sandpicture.

From Sandman: “My sand art is spiritual, it contains a lot of questions and indicates answers at the same time. It involves the beauty of what art once was while trying to give answers to our spirit and our inner calm.”


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  • Moving Sand Art Window Diver – By Klaus Bosch

    The Window Diver Moving Sand Art is new to the KB collection in 2020. Its satin white contemporary frame paired with the bold sand blend gives an arctic/ aquatic feel. Made of beech wood finished with a silky white matte lacquer fitted with steel side posts. The adventurous sand blend contains Ash, White, and Sapphire Blue glitter. The Window series is an elegant addition to the KB Collection. The tilt stand makes it absolutely simple to operate and looks superb on a desk. This design allows you to have a see-through window look and rotate the sand picture without picking it up. The Window Diver Sand Art is 13″ x 9” and is a perfect addition to any Home, Office Desktop, Mantle, or Bookshelf making it ideal for any setting.

    Flow Time: 15 min- 2 Hours
    Dimensions are 13” x 9”

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  • Moving Sand Art Deep Sea Pacific – By Klaus Bosch

    The Deep Sea Moving Sand Art is a majestic beauty, an all-time classic, perfect eye-catching shape regally sitting on its own throne. The Deep Sea Pacific Moving Sand Art has a separate black lacquered wood base and a black rubber frame. This has the Sandman’s classic sand blend with black, ruby and gold sands. Our #1 seller. The Deep Sea Pacific Moving Sand Art is 11 x 10” and is a perfect addition to any Home, Office Desktop, Mantle, or bookshelf making it ideal for any setting. With this sleek modern black design and classic sand blend, it is destined to go with any decor. If you are giving this as a gift, you know it will be an instant hit!

    Flow Time: 15 min- 2 Hours
    Dimensions are 11″ X 10″

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  • Moving Sand Art Ballerina Black – By Klaus Bosch

    The Ballerina Black Moving Sand Art is a sensational addition to the masterpiece series in the KB Collection. The Ballerina is a hand-numbered work of art inspired by a ballerina dancer. With it focusing on the natural beauty of the sands dancing its way down to build ever-changing landscapes in the sand, this features the most ideal proportions in terms of size, frame, side posts and stand. The solid beechwood frame is lacquered in a silky black finish attached with powder-coated steel posts to a solid lacquered wood base to allow for easy swivel of the sand picture. The sand blend is a bold look with black, and white paired with dazzling gold glitter.

    Flow time- 15 Min- 3 Hours
    Dimensions are 20″ X 13″ X 3-3/4”

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