KeySmart was founded on the idea that complex problems often have simple solutions. Our founder, Michael, grew frustrated with his bulky, noisy key chain. Was a key ring really the best way to carry keys? For months, he worked on designs and prototypes for a solution. Then, in 2013, he discreetly launched a Kickstarter for a compact key organizer called KeySmart. He never expected it to raise  $329,862 and grow into a company with over 50 products.


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  • KeySmart FogBlock Anti-Fog Spray

    Anti-Fog For Glasses + Masks: Keep your glasses crystal-clear while wearing a mask.
    Safe For All Lens: Works on eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles & more. Safe for Anti-Reflective and Non-Anti-Reflective lenses.
    No Wiping Needed: Easy to apply with a couple sprays. No wiping or cloth needed!
    Long-Lasting Formula: Safe and effective formula lasts up to 24 hours
    Travel-Friendly Size: A must-have for your airport experience and destination (1 fl. oz)

    Amount: 30mL
    Dimensions in inches: 4″ x 1.05″

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  • KeySmart Charge Book

    Wireless & Wired Portable Charging built into the front cover and 3-in-1 charging cable (type-c, lightning & android) with a power bank in the back cover
    8 Pockets for Obsessive Organization – Organize credit cards, cash, cables & more in 8 pockets.
    Built-In Rechargeable Power Bank – The 8,000mAh rechargeable battery is ultra slim inside the front cover, capable of charging iphones, androids, tablets & more.
    Premium Craftsmanship with a high-quality, durable feel. * Includes notebook and magnetic clasp with a secret USB flash drive

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  • KeySmart Urban Union Commuter Backpack

    Slim Laptop Backpack

    20+ Innovative Features Secret pockets, Built-in hard case. Anti-sweat foam. So much more.
    Comfortable To Carry Enjoy a painless, sweat-free commute to and from the office
    Protective & Water-Resistant Keeps your 15in laptop and daily essentials safe and dry
    Professional Looks sharp on the train and in the conference room
    Organized Makes organization easy, it’s like a puzzle we already solved for you

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  • KeySmart Urban Union Portfolio Briefcase

    The Ultra-Organized Slim Hard Shell Briefcase

    12+ internal pockets
    Designated Tile™ Pocket
    Protective 16” Laptop Pocket
    Fits New 16” MacBook Pro 💻 Perfectly
    Durable & Water Resistant
    Tech Organization
    Comfort Foam Shoulder Strap
    Internal Divider
    Protective Shockproof Hardshell
    Dimensions: 17″ x 3.125″ x 13″ 2.79 lbs

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  • KeySmart Urban Union Hybrid Messenger Bag

    Convertible Laptop Messenger Bag & Backpack


    The 4-in-1 bag that can handle whatever your day brings
    4 Ways to Carry – messenger, backpack, shoulder bag & briefcase style
    Water-Resistant nylon and waterproof zippers
    Protective 16″ Laptop Pocket Fits New 16” MacBook Pro 💻 Perfectly
    20+ Organized Pockets – including anti-theft, water bottle & Tile™ pockets
    Removable Shoulder & Backpack Straps
    Dimensions: 15.875 W x 2.125 D x 13.75 H

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  • KeySmart Magslim Wallet For Phone

    SECURE TO ANY PHONE: Get out the door faster & never leave without your wallet!
    NANO-SUCTION ADHESIVE: Millions of nano-sized suction cups create vacuum effect to attach wallet to any Android or iPhone
    THUMB-SLOT FOR QUICK-ACCESS to 3 cards – without removing the wallet from your phone!
    MAGSAFE COMPATIBLE: Includes magnet to effortlessly secure to any iPhone 12 series
    STAIN & WATER-RESISTANT: Ultra durable TecTuff® Leather lasts 10x longer than traditional leather


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  • KeySmart Ultimate Charger 20,000 MAH

    Fast-Charge 3 Devices At Once including a laptop with 20,000mAh battery capacity and 3 charging ports (Lighting USB, Micro-USB & Type-C)

    Rapid Recharging – Recharges in just 1.25 hrs using a USB-C cable. At full power, it can charge your laptop once, your tablet twice & your phone 7 times

    Slim & Lightweight like a Notebook: metal shell fits into any briefcase or laptop case.

    Dimensions – 6.38″ x 4.17″ x 0.57, 1.05 lbs

    Charging Speed up to 20v-3.25A (65 watt)


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  • KeySmart Taskpad Wireless Charging Desk Pad – Black


    Full Desk Blotter & Mouse Pad With Wireless Charger

    Built-In Wireless Power to Fast Charge Your Phone Just By Placing It Down (Even With The Case On) & Holds a Charge Once It Reaches 100%
    Water-Resistant, Stain-Resistant & Anti-Scratch PU Leather Desk Pad With No-Slip
    Micro-Textured Flat Mouse Pad to Flawlessly Track Mouse Movements
    Comfort Cushioned Material to Rest Wrist & Forearms
    Sleek & Simple Design Elevates & Organizes Your Work Station


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  • KeySmart Portable Charger

    This charger is compact and lightweight, but still powerful and reliable, making it the perfect everyday accessory.


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  • KeySmart Tactiv Bolt Action Pen


    Premium Materials: Expertly machined with aluminum, stainless steel & polished copper
    Rifle-Inspired Design: Bolt-action design inspired by the M16A4 Series 5.56mm Rifle
    100% Waterproof: Rite-In-The-Rain permanent ink can write underwater & extreme temperature (-30°F to 250°F)
    Rugged Grip for a firm grasp in any condition
    Stainless Steel Pocket Clip for a comfortable and secure carry


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