It’s been said that Graphic Image was is the biggest brand that nobody has heard of, or that it constitutes a new category in retailing; a combination of products and styles not duplicated by any other company in the world. Customers of Graphic Image are as unorthodox as they are traditional, and as practical as they are luxurious.

Anyone shopping the top stores in America knows Graphic Image products immediately by their style, if not by name. Their style is their brand.  It is recognizable without a label. Of course the products most people know them by are their diaries, which stand to many as the finest agendas in the world. All their writing journals possess the same three key ingredients coming together as a whole – a functional and refined writing text paper, the smyth-sewn binding, and a simple graphic design – all combining to define the books as distinctly and indisputably Graphic Image.

Graphic Image customers are passionate about their products. They recognize their value, utility, quality and always, their style. While all their products are consistent with regard to the first three of these, style is almost always about the leather.  Graphic Image enjoys making products that offer affordability; they also enjoy working with leathers from the finest tanneries of France and Italy.


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