Amy and Demian's Valentine's Message to You

Amy and Demian's Valentine's Message to You

Not only will you hear Amy and Demian describe how they met and fell in love at London Harness, you'll clearly see the sweetness of their love in this Valentine's Day 2022 message.

Here are Amy and Demian's gift choices for each other this Valentine's...

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Here's Why Demian Chose These Gifts for Amy

Amy has plenty of jewelry that needs a home so with this spacious Wolf jewelry box that's pretty in pink will be a nice addition to her collection especially when traveling.
Can't go wrong with these amazing McCrea's Caramels made here in Mass. It is one of her favorite candies, plus I can have some too!
The MZ Wallace cosmetic bag is a great addition to Amy's wide selection of bags from MZ with a great valentine theme and look which can spread the love throughout the year.

Here's Why Amy Chose These Gifts for Demian

Demian loves his ice coffee but when he drinks that first cup of coffee at home he like it to be hot. The Toddy Mug from Brumate does a great job of keeping your coffee hot for hours (I would know I have one in white).
Everyone that knows Demian know how much he loves food! The sweet nut gift box by Q (not shown) is perfect for my sweetie.
I can't go wrong with a Pig & Hen bracelet for Demian, even though he already owns 8. Before we started selling Pig & Hen in the store Demian was a customer! He loves the styles and quality of the bracelets.